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Easy-to-use and affordable, Greenlite is a turnkey cashless solution featuring web-based management tools to help make your business more profi table. Give customers the Greenlite to buy. People are carryingless cash than ever before. In fact, 1 in 5 don’t carryany.* And now 27% of total workplace market sales arecashless, a 62% increase from just two years ago.** Check inventory on the go. Integrated remote reportingreduces the cost of fi lling your equipment by letting yousee what’s selling from your computer or mobile deviceand alerting you when you need to visit a machine. Greenlite puts more green in your pocket. The cashlesssolution helps you increase same machine sales and sellmore premium products with higher margins. Plus, twotierpricing offsets transaction fees.


  • Features

    • Accepts Credit & Debit Cards
    • Accepts Mobile Payments
    • Totally Secure
    • 24/7 Anywhere Management
    • Machine Sales Tracking
    • Integrated Cash & Cashless Reporting
    • Visual Alerts
    • Two-Tier Pricing (Cash Discount)
    • Daily Bank Deposits
    • Six Data Transfers Per Day
  • Dimensions

    • Height: ?
    • Width: ?
    • Depth: ?
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