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This Outdoor Vending Machine Is A Great Benefit With A Huge Profit Potential For Any Business. Vend all your top selling car care products from onemachine. Versatile design allows dispensing of various type ofproducts from small trinkets, and soda pop to detailsprays and even large towels. Made for indoor or outdoor use. Rugged all steelconstruction with high security package guardsagainst weather and vandalism.


  • Features

    • 45 Selections
    • 728 Vendible item capacity
    • Live product display generates more purchases per customer
    • High security outdoor package
    • High security interlocking door
    • Card reader ready
    • Rugged steel constructionDurable powder coat finish
    • Energy efficient
    • iVend® guaranteed product delivery sensor system
    • Versatile and adjustable trays and auger timing
    • Easy to change coils for different size products
    • MDB/DEX communication capable
  • Dimensions

    Height: 72" (183 cm)

    Width: 41" (104 cm)

    Depth: 38" (97 cm)

  • Download Brochure

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  • Model Number

    Auto Vend Plus