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Serve extremely large volumes of high quality beverages at just the press of a button!


Bravilor Bonamat's Bolero Turbo series brews and dispenses delicious beverages from liquid and/or powdered coffee concentrate in volumes from cups to carafes. It's the ideal solution where 240 cups or more can be served a day, reducing coffee preparation costs and delivering consistent flavor in every cup.


  • Features

    • You can brew and serve up to 19.5 gallons of coffee every hour!
    • Meet the demands of front-of-house and back-of-house dispensing! Bravilor Bonamat's technology lets you program to brew the same size cup or carafe each time the button is pushed. Or, set it to brew continuously until the button is released. The two buttons can be programmed independently, so one button can be set to fill a pot while the other can be set to fill a cup or flow continuously. 
    • Our unique patented hot water system keeps scaling to a minimum, keeping the brewer cleaner, longer!
    • LED backlight and user friendly digital screen provide easy to use instruction.
    • Digitally adjustable Powder-to-Water Ratio sets easily from the front panel.
    • No more guessing when to clean! Warning signals let the operator know it’s time to replace the filter, rinse out the machine or that the drip-tray is full.
    • Standardized hoppers are easy to remove and refill, eliminating downtown.
    • Versatile container sizes: hold from 5 oz. to 20 oz. cups and carafes.
    • Removable drip-tray catches messy spills, keeping your counters clean and dry.
    • Serve not only a perfect cup of coffee, but extend your selection with other beverages like cappuccino, French vanilla or hot chocolate!
    • Program your own Energy Saving Mode reducing energy consumption during idle periods.
    • Elegant, user friendly European design.
  • Dimensions

    • Height: 32"
    • Width: 12.8"
    • Depth: 16.9"
  • Download Brochure

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  • Model Number

    Bolero Turbo LC 20 2 Bib Refrigerated