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Fancy combines modern design with compact dimensions, and it can be easily customized by changing the colour of the panels. There’s great versatility, as Fancy is available in a number of models which accept a variety of capsules. Fancy is available in 3 versions: the Standard version has a manual lever to load and eject the capsules and manual Start & Stop button; Dosed version has a manual lever, but an automatic stop; whereas Premium has an automatic system for loading and ejecting the capsule and automatic stop feature. The cup support can have two positions: UP for espresso cups, DOWN for larger cups and
longer drinks. The Allcap brewer allows users to choose between several models, which are compatible with the the different capsules on sale in today’s marketplace. Fancy, a unique design for a full range of opportunities.


  • Features

    • Weight: Ca. 5 Kg
    • Heating element: Thermoblock
    • Functions: Coffee • Long coffee • Free dose (Dosed and Premium versions)
    • Power consumption: 1350 W
    • Voltage and frequency: 220/240 V - 50/60 hz
    • Water tank: 1.4 L
    • Checking of water lack: Optional Sensor
    • Capsule waste container: 15 Ca.
    • Automatic dosage (Premium and Dosed versions)
    • Bluetooth connection: Yes
  • Dimensions

    • Height: 280mm
    • Width: 160mm 
    • Depth: 370mm
  • Download Brochure

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  • Model Number