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Great for any location where healthy foods are in demand. It vends fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, juice and water. AMS offers accessories which enable you to design your own display of healthful foods. HealthyVend is fully compliant with health and safety software regulations.


  • Features

    • AMS patented Sensit® Guaranteed Delivery.
    • Easy-to-read black-on-white keypad.
    • Compliant with health and safety software regulations.
    • Parts interchangeable with most other AMS vendors.
    • Y2 plus HP refrigeration.
    • 3 year warranty.
    • Fully foamed with polyurethane.
  • Dimensions


    • Width: 35 or 39"
  • Download Brochure

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  • Model Number

    Healthy Vend  5 w 36 Sel