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The 40 select snack vendor gives you maximum selection for the even the largest vending locations. Equipped with the latest in electroinc controls, money back vend sensing technology and 6 fully adjustable shelves, this vendor is one of the most versatile and profitable snack machines available. 


  • Features

    • Large LED credit display
    • Standard peripheral opening for additional payment or POS systems
    • Large keypad with Braille identification
    • MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debt and credit sytems
    • DEX data output support
    • Full featured controller with sale and accounting:
      • Price setting by selection, row or machine
      • Free vend and Combo vend modes
      • Flexible space to selection setting
      • Time of day discounting
      • Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and secured vend times
      • Programmable coupon and token values
      • Coin and bill rejection rate counts
      • Accountability display by selection, row or machine
      • Talker device support for sight impaired (Talker not included)
  • Dimensions

    • Height 72" (183 cm)
    • Width 41.1" (104.4 cm)
    • Depth 34.75" (88.3 cm)
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