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Coffee exactly to your taste. Espresso or fresh brew coffee, cappuccino, caffe latte ora creamy hot chocolate - made just they way you like,simply by the touch of your finger


  • Features

    • The 10’’ touch screen - 1280 x 800 - offers a visual guide, making choices easy. The design and layout of the screen can also be fully customized to suit any environment.
    • The user-friendly interface lets you prepare a drink just the way you like it, allowing you to make changes to the strength and amount of ingredients - you can even save your personalized drink in the layout.
    • The flexible canister can offer two blends of coffee or even roast and
      ground and whole beans at the same time.
    • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled on-screen information and entertainment.
    • Separate delivery points: Coffee, chocolate, and mixed drinks on the left, and water on the right. This prevents any cross contamination into the water.
    • A light path in the cup area helps ensure that the cup is placed in the correct position. Cup sensors recognize cups or mugs made from a
      variety of different material including paper, plastic, glass and porcelain.
    • The spacious delivery area with adjustable cup holders allows you to fill coffee pots or thermo jugs.
    • LED lights frame the cup area which enhance the overall visual appearance and user experience.
  • Dimensions

    • Height: 870 mm
    • Width: 450 mm
    • Depth: 525 mm
  • Download Brochure

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  • Model Number

    Written 9100 ES + FB