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Just put your finger to the 10’’ HD touch screen andbe guided through the many delicious drink choices. Espresso or fresh brew coffee, cappuccino, caffe latte ora creamy hot chocolate - made just they way you like,simply by the touch of your finger. The flexible canister may offer two blends of coffeeat the same time, or even whole beans and roastand ground, to suit different preferences.The canister contains up to 4.4 kg of coffee. LED lights frame the Scandinavian elegance of thealuminumfacia and help ensure that the machineis both user-friendly and energy efficient. The 9100 is a machine for the future and has been designed with a number of features like RSS feed, weather forecast and online connectivity. Payment system or freevend, that is your choice. The machine supports coin or cashless systems at the same time. The smart design of the machine, the colour-coding of internal parts, and the intuitive interface reduces maintenance time, optimizesoperational costs and improves customer satisfaction.